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It was Tuesday morning; my body was still feeling all the pleasures of sex that my husband and I had over the weekend. I was already at work and doing my daily routine of checking my email since I don’t do that at home. Then a subject of one email caught my attention. It read “Paid work for a Submissive website.” I made myself open all the junk emails first, then check my work emails, and only then, I decided that I tortured myself long enough and I can open it. Here is what it read:
From: Jack
Subject: Paid Work for submissive website
Hello, my name is Jack. I am a photographer, and I’m developing a submissive website/blog featuring written content (fiction) supported by imagery. The focus is on portraying the journey of a fictional character into the submissive genre but will include explicit material as well (open leg/anal penetration by toys). No other male or female talent, and I’m there to capture the scene not interact physically with you. I’m on Model Mayhem. I will respect your limits. An escort is welcome to any shoot we do, and I would be happy to meet beforehand at a public location of your choosing. I would like to do a two-hour shoot at your $150 rate. I live in Northern CA, but would be ok with traveling to you, mainly if we can use your location or if you are willing to add the 3rd hour for free (so we would have plenty of time to talk and become comfortable with the themes we will be capturing together). Hope to hear from you and please let me know if you have any questions.
I read it at least twice. It sounded interesting, especially that I have not received an email from my website in a long time. Last time I got an email from my site was probably about five years ago, and the guy wanted to make me cum while he is choking me with a plastic bag over my head and capture that on video. I cringed remembering that email. I guess that’s why it took me so long to open it, I was not expecting anything useful out of it, and I was just enjoying the anticipation and a break from my daily routine. My blood was still boiling from all the kinky sex I was having with my husband, and reading it was like adding fuel to the fire. I was still in that state of mind when you just mention anal, and toys in one sentence was getting me wet. Plus I was going to make money – that was an extra bonus. Looked up his portfolio on MM, googled him, looked him up on FB. He did not look like a creep, he had a wife and a kid. I was surprised to see only headshots of his wife and that made me dig into is portfolio deeper. Finally, I was able to solve that mystery. His wife was huge, so I thought that he was into big girls, and was shooting skinny models to make money, so I decided to MapQuest his address. OMG! He lives 3 hours away and still picked me as a model? I must be doing something right; the guy must be very motivated.
I had to slow myself down, take a deep breath and sent him a standard reply:
From: Oxana
Subject: Paid Work for Submissive Website
Good morning. I received your email, and it interested me. Do you have a website yet that I can read and see what you got so far? I would like more information. I googled your location and its 3 hours away… I don’t like shooting at home, what about a hotel?
Do you have a profile on Fetlife?
Did you get this idea from an erotic book you read?
Who is writing?
Let’s talk some more.
I hit “send,” now I sit and wait, it’s 7:46 am, and I can no longer concentrate on my work, bookkeeping is no longer on my mind. I am waiting with anticipation, while my pussy is throbbing. At 9:04, my phone notifies me of a new email, I open a new tab on my browser and go to my Gmail. And I am rewarded with a lengthy email, with pictures! I want to go straight for the pictures, but once again, I exercise self-control and read the proposal. He is telling me about the toys he wants to use in the shoot
Toys for the first session would include
a) Anal hook with 1″ ball diameter at widest point and 5.5 inches insertable length
b) Jewel butt plug with a 1.3″ diameter at widest point and approx. 2.5 inches insertable length
c) Leather collar, anklets (possibly bracelets), and rope
I have seen the anal hook; I watched an instructional video on it before – it’s fucking hot, it’s dirty, erotic, and daring all at the same time. My pelvic muscles tighten up and begin contracting, my ass is starting to relax in anticipation, and my pussy is pulsating. What the fuck! It’s only 9 am, and I am at work! My body does not care, it has a life all by itself, and my brain is not invited to the party.
I keep reading, ignoring all the sensations in my body
I’m looking to tell the journey into submission with approximately once per month updates per character. I need to develop the role for you.
Ok, so far so good, he certainly has my interest. Finally, I am looking at the pictures. On the first one, the girl is bent over, and she has a jeweled red anal plug. I can’t stop looking at her ass; I think it’s super-hot, I squirm in my seat, my thoughts travel home, where I have a small pink plug waiting for me, I dwell on that thought for a minute, then I look at the second one. In the next picture, the girl has a stainless steel hook sticking out of her ass, which is being secured by the rope with her hands behind her back. I have seen this hook before but never seen it used. I am sitting mesmerized by the picture, and I am not sure if I want to be in her place, or I want my hands touching and caressing those cheeks. The result is still the same – my pussy gets wet.
I will send you a digital copy of my book with a Password Purchase.
Please specify what program/device you use, so I can email you a proper coded file of my book.