I have always been around photography and photographers. Early in my life, I began experimenting with photography – with 35mm b&w film! As I explored ever-more-deeply into photography, I found myself in the closed bathroom with my dad, with only one red light on while we developed negatives and printed the final images. I immigrated to the United States right after High School and almost immediately got a job in a photo store – Ritz Camera.

My entré into modeling was almost by accident. I began modeling as a favor to a photographer who was setting up his studio, I was working for Ritz and he was my regular customer who I always talked to. He asked me to pose for him so that he could fix his lights, I agreed – and the pictures came out great!! Ever since I have wanted to be in front of the camera, but because of my jealous husband at that moment I could not peruse my passion fully.

After working as an employee of Ritz for 2 years I was quickly promoted to a Store Manager and for the next 6 years, I managed several Ritz Camera stores till I decided it was enough working for someone else. I was determined to go further and opened up my own photo lab with a partner, and many photographers followed their favorite film processor. The idea was great, but unfortunately, the timing was all wrong, digital cameras took over the film, and after 2 years I had to close my business. But everything happens for a reason, I found myself married to my business partner and found a job as an office manager and bookkeeper. I have always been incredibly organized and find it easy to work with complex accounting and math protocols. But I could not stay away from the art of photography. After closing my business I had a big plotter that I wanted to keep but had no room for a 24-inch printer, so I decided to donate it to a photographer who was working for a non-profit organization, taking pictures of pets. As a cancelation prize, he offered me a photoshoot and with a blessing from my supportive husband I took him up on that offer. Ever since that moment, I could not stay away from guys with professional cameras in hand.

Now with help from my husband and a dear friend we re-fitted our basement into my own studio and I would like to take up photography once more as a photographer. As long as it will not interfere with my modeling.

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