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I was hesitant at first but then I grabbed a stool and set myself up. I started with a slow striptease, I turned my face away from them, I did not think I could face them, they got very quiet and my jacket slowly lowered from my shoulders exposing my bare back. I was feeling jittery and a drop of sweat rolled over my back, but I ignored the strange sensation and continued slowly touching myself and exposing my bare skin.

Slowly my motion found a rhythm and I was moving with more confidence, and people started cheering and giving me compliments. My husband likes it when I wear my jeweled buttplug and today was not an exception. I pulled my thong out of the way to show my piece off, and I heard a sudden gasp from everyone, they did not expect to see a sparkly jewel in my behind. With every move, with every breath, I got more and more turned on. Down to the point where I no longer cared who was watching and who was not, I swiped everything off the counter and got right up on it. I started touching myself, I was very wet, the juices started flowing down my thighs, I wiped them with my fingers and licked them off.

Ohh, my juices are so sweet It was like licking nectar of my lips. I take my shoes off and I lick the heel. I bite my hose, I feel, I kneel. I play with Jewel, it makes me drool. My torture is so sweet. So many men, so many eyes And all of them are looking with hot eyes. I know that all of them just want to fuck, But none of them will have such luck.