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When I got home late and neglected to make dinner for my husband he got very upset with me and decided to punish me. He told me to strip down my clothes.
He took out the collar and fastened it around my neck, he took the chains hanging from the collar squeezed my nipples hard and clipped them on. He was not satisfied, I was looking at him all smug and not remorseful as he hoped.
He started running his hands over my body, turning me on, the smugness melted away and there was only desire in my eyes. At this point he knew he had me, he pulled out something unexpected what looked like long lines of beautiful black leather. I thought it was some new strange sex toy and he would make my evening more exciting. He told me to close my eyes and spread my legs. His gentle hands caressed me, giving me the pleasure, his oiled fingers ran over my private parts, spreading my ass cheeks a little. I felt a small plug enter me, I was all wet and ready to play. But I was standing still with my legs spread open, just like I was told. He fastened something around my waist. I heard a little click. He touched my thighs, I started trembling in my heels. He told me I could open my eyes so I can steady myself. And I looked down.
Oh, how I was mistaken when those long lines of leather coiled around my thighs into a Chastity Belt.
"This is your punishment, you been a bad girl," he said and smiled and walked away.