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Photographer Will Haubert rang the doorbell. He was juggling two big beach balls and his backpack. A week ago, the invitation sailed in over the transom. “Pool Shoot with Model Dinka Doll” it announced. Will looked at his portfolio and decided he could use a few more pictures of a bikini-clad girl lounging at the pool. So there he was, at the announced time and place. But when the door opened, Will was surprised to see Dinka Doll seductively dressed in a revealing green dress and wearing stockings and heels. “There must be some mistake,” said Will, and Dinka replied “Jeepers – by pool shoot, I meant on a slate table with 17 balls and cue sticks. Did you think I meant …” But then both Will and Dinka Doll realized their miscue and burst out laughing. Will deflated his balls and Dinka set up a rack and reached for a stick. “That must be my cue” thought Will and he reached into his backpack and pulled out his trusty camera … and another photoshoot became history!!