1 Cadence


Another late night for Jack. The wife finally goes to sleep, and the kids have been in bed for hours. He took a few hits from the bowl and then went to the porch, trading the damp heat that has been building in the house all day for the cool night breeze. The neighbors are far away and fast asleep, the thick summer foliage completely obscuring their homes from his. The swarms of insect life on the property sing but it fades into the background. He comes alive in the quiet tranquility of the darkness as he feels his body relax into the plastic blue Adirondack chair, and lets his mind drift. It navigates through the haze with speed and works on putting the pieces together, searching for ways to make them all fit. The idea has been germinating since high school, but he hadn’t got serious about making it happen until a few months ago. He likes the picture his mind painted so far.

He opened up his Surface Pro to check the emails. He sent an email to the model he found on a modeling website. Now different thoughts and doubts run through his mind: Would she even respond? He opened the conversation with his desire to photograph her tied up with a hook buried deep in her ass. He feels a twinge, and remind from his conscious that accepted the nature of his taste and the direction of this project. He tries to convince himself it is perfectly acceptable but still feels awkward. “We are both professionals,” he tells himself for a hundred’s time, as he navigates to her profile for the fifth or sixth time. He lingers over her portfolio images and rereads her profile, trying to get some better sense of who she is. Whispered deep within the question, has he no shame?

His email pings. The model responds with her rates. He proposed her a 3-hour booking, and she accepted, with the limit of no sexual acts. His mind is drawn back to the hook, and they trade emails quickly. She’s game for toys and bondage but activity between them or any other talent needs to be implied. They set the date and his hand trembles as he blocks off time at the studio. Will there be hidden cameras? He searches for an acceptable use policy but finds nothing.

The date approaches quickly. He shoots his second wedding and loses himself in his work. Thousands of details need his attention. The underlying truth of the business is that if he doesn’t do it then it doesn’t get done, and he is fighting hard to build and grow momentum. In the peace of the night, he does not need to pretend, he is alone with his fetish, and Jack devotes himself to the details he truly cares about. The ones he doesn’t want to put off or save for another day. He sends her an email.

From: Jack

Subject: Bondage/Fetish Session

Next order of business – on your MM page it says you get into submission. Are you willing to treat me as a Dom during the session and in preparing for the session, or would you prefer to keep it on a more professional level?


Her reply arrives next day.

From: Cadence

Subject: Bondage/Fetish Session

Professional level.

He has to revamp it, in his mind, everything went entirely different. In his mind he was threading hemp rope under model’s breasts and around the back. Jack was tying Cadence hands so she could not move, bending her over the chair and securing her ankles to the legs of the chair, leaving her completely helpless and accessible while he takes the cold stainless hook out of the bag, puts some oil on it and spreads her cheeks to insert the cold steel, while her tight little hole devours the treat.

Staying with that thought for a minute and calming his breathing and erect cock he had to bring himself back to the harsh reality that he will be only an observer, although he still will get to tie her up. As a cancelation prize, that thought cheered him up a bit.

From: Jack

Subject: Bondage/Fetish Session

Great. In that case, I respectfully request that you;

Personal: Shave pubic region, armpits, and legs before the session. If you have hair around the anus please also shave there.

Wardrobe 1: Please arrive in a lovely dress. I would like to start the session with some traditional portraits

Wardrobe 2: Please bring with you a very short skirt and see-through top (or white top)

Accessory: Please bring a clean pair of white panties to be used as a gag


He regrets the white lie but accepts it as better than bringing her up to speed on something she’s not interested in doing. The work is very critical, and he is still a little in shock she’s willing to do what they’ve already discussed. But once again he searches Model Mayhem again and gathers the courage to send another cold call. He wants more models and hoping at least one will feed into his fixation with woman’s anus and lets him play.

He had viewed another model’s profile many times before but held off because all her profile images were classy and artistic. How would she feel about cold steel pressed firmly against her rosebud, forcing tight muscles to stretch slowly and accommodate the chill deep inside? While tied up? He enlarges one of the images showing her beautiful eyes, shy smile and a little rat looking dog. His curiosity peeks as he sends her the same email he sent to Cadence.

Day of the Shoot with Cadence.

Traffic in the District is a nightmare and parking is no better. He had sent her the code to the door before he left and she opened it for him while he lugged his light stands and other equipment inside. They exchanged pleasantries, and her accent contained a ghetto quality to it. She worked at a grocery store and did modeling on the side. Girls gotta eat, but it makes him sad. He wished she was here because of her passion and not just the money.

He wanted to confirm she’s ok with all this, “So the Agenda for today is tying you down and sticking things up your ass. Sure you’re good with all that?” She blushed and looked at her shoes and whispered “Yes.”

They go over her limits once again while he places a payment on the table. She wanted to see the toys, and he realized they’re still in the trunk, so he goes to fetch them providing her with the opportunity to verify the payment in privacy and put it away.

For sanitary reasons the hook and jewel plugs are still in the discreet packaging they were shipped in, and he is mighty curious himself to see what they look like. They chat about wardrobe for the first scene while he opens the packages up and washes them with warm soapy water, and then places them on the table for her to examine. Now he can see why the hook is described as intimidating. The jewels catch the light from the window, sparkling red. The largest plug looks like fun, and he wonders if her tiny frame can take it. They decide to start with her getting dressed in just stockings, a garter belt, and a thong. Like as an afterthought he is meeting her eyes, he takes up the smallest plug, “Am I putting this in or you?” Jack stops breathing in hopes she changes her mind about his help. She looks at her toes again and after a moment, replies firmly that she would do it herself. Damn. He hands her the plug and has her sit in the chair. After his equipment is adjusted, he kneels behind her and starts framing the shot, and then tells her to insert the plug slowly while he shoots the process. The jewel intrigues him, and he is fascinated by the steel bulb disappearing inside her. “I’m going to move closer to get a tighter shot.” The scent of her sex is ripe from the hot day and mixes with the trapped air released by the plug. Goes with the territory, should have thought of that before getting that close. He puts the smell out of his mind and focuses on the photography.

Most of his attention is consumed getting the lighting and posing right, the image sharp, and correctly exposed. He talks while he works, letting the model know what he is doing while fiddling with the equipment and moving it around for different angles. He tells her the story about how he shot an engagement session for a friend with the shutter speed at 1/25th of a second for half the shoot before he realized the mistake, and now to incorporate regular checks to ensure everything is as it should be. Quality is critical to him.

He tells her that he is happy with what they got and he is ready to move to the next scene. They step outside the studio for a smoke and chat about what they’re going to do next. She’s in a dress at this point, with the back still unzipped from when he asked her to expose her chest and play with herself at the end of the last scene. A guy walking down the alley approaches and they change the subject. When he moves past her, Jack sees him eye her up and down from the backside and then give him a curious, almost wistful look before moving on. Does a better job exist? His mind drifted away when he was in the service. Being a photographer sure beats the hell out of sharing a tin can with another guy in the middle of the desert watching Afghans riding motorcycles and fucking goats 84 hours a week. It doesn’t pay as good.

It was time for the collar. He ordered a beautiful set on eBay, it was burgundy color, had some sort of flowers on it and ties. And now he handed the full bag to her to put it on herself. As a rule of thumb, he avoids touching models, mainly when they are naked, to keep things on a professional level. Still she was having trouble getting it fitted correctly, so he offered to help, and she accepted. It was the closest they had been, and he marked the first time he smelled her subtle sweet perfume. Jack inadvertently brushed the back of her neck and shoulder while adjusting the collar, and her perfectly soft skin electrified him. Both of these sensations caught him by surprise and thoughts of cameras and lighting dissipate like smoke in a stiff breeze. By the time, her ankle restraints were on he just wanted to press her head against the table while savoring the clench and spasm of her rosebud wrapped tight around his throbbing cock. If she were his… he lets out a sigh of disappointment.

He moved away swiftly realizing that his cock is pressing hard against his pants. He adjusted his junk, and took a long drink of iced cold soda thinking of dead puppies, just to calm him down. He wiped the forehead with the towel he always brings. He is still searching for the right temperature setting where skinny naked girls and him, hauling studio equipment around fully clothed, are comfortable together. A random thought comes to his mind – maybe he should have them jump around or something and kick the AC up a notch. Jack has always been partial to win/win solutions. 

Finally, she gets up off the floor, and starts showing off her beautiful behind, she spreads her cheeks as in invitation, and Jack is torn if he should keep shooting or come behind her, get down on the knees and start licking her ass or offer her a jewel that is sitting on the table. He got consumed by her ass so much that he forgot to shoot and just stared at her, admiring her beauty.

They finish the sequence, and he hands her the hook, but she surprises him by asking if they can use the tail instead. She pulls out a bushy Foxtail from her modeling bag. She said that the hook looks too intimidating for her to use since it was Jack’s first shoot like that he got thrown off course a little and hesitated. She had to repeat her question. “Ok, I guess we can try that” he replied and went outside for a smoke giving her some privacy to work that cold hard steel in her alluring rosebud. Also giving her time to get ready for the punishment scene. Previously they have discussed her idea of smearing red lipstick on her cheeks to simulate a spanking, and while Jack much rather give her bottom the proper color naturally, respecting her limits is essential, and it compliments his limited touching policy. If the technique works, he can use it again, however reluctantly.

He reenters the studio, and she’s still in the bathroom. He starts flipping through the images on the camera while waiting, and his overly critical eye is tentatively pleased. She emerges from the bathroom, turns, and asks what he thinks. The shape of her behind is compact and gorgeous. The color gets his blood pumping faster, though because he knows its lipstick the excitement is dampened. Jack silently repeats the mantra that they are professionals and tears his gaze away from her blushing rear to make eye contact, replying that the color looks right to him.

She turns to face him straightforward, tail in hand and reaching behind. Her abdomen flexes as she draws breath, pushing her perky breasts high in the air. The corners of her lips turn down and her eyebrows furrow while the muscles in her arm go taut. He needs to find something to do besides watch, it’s too arousing for him, and it’s like walking on thin ice. Jack needs a distraction and he goes searching for convenient eyelets in the ceiling when he knows damn well, there aren’t any. He glances back, and she’s walking toward him slowly, awkwardly. A part of his mind is keenly interested, interpreting, extrapolating, and spouting all kinds of fantastic drivel.

He checks… double checks, to make sure she’s still doing ok. He asks her to turn around so can see how it looks.

He is mesmerized by the view; there is something wild and primal seeing her like that. Bushy Foxtail compliments her red behind. It makes her look like a bitch in heat.

He takes shots of her on her knees on the floor. Then he has her wash dishes. At his direction, she reapplies the red coloration to her cheeks because he is not satisfied with how the images look. He photographs her walking with the tail, and he gets close again to capture the dilation as she’s pulling it out inch by inch. She gets dressed, and we go back to the ally for a cigarette.

Jack conducts an impromptu after action review; the military changes people in some strange ways and one of the foundations of quality is continuous improvement. She tells him about some of the other experiences she’s had, and his blood boils when he hears her discuss the last photographer that made her bleed where that tail had been, and Jack is suddenly less disappointed that she decided to do that part herself. The last thing he wanted was to hurt this girl.

Then she floors him, tells him she wants to work with him again, but next time she wants to cum. They start cleaning up, and she asks if he will shoot a video of her squirting – says some guy will pay her $500 for it. The video isn’t his thing, and squirting interests him only so far as a visual representation of pleasure. But he offers to do his best in trade for another session of his taste. They exchange pleasantries and interest in doing a second shoot. Maybe she has a passion for the work after all. Jack can’t wait to get home and load everything to the computer.



It was Tuesday morning; my body was still feeling all the pleasures of sex that my husband and I had over the weekend. I was already at work and doing my daily routine of checking my email since I don’t do that at home. Then a subject of one email caught my attention. It read “Paid work for a Submissive website.” I made myself open all the junk emails first, then check my work emails, and only then, I decided that I tortured myself long enough and I can open it. Here is what it read:

From: Jack

Subject: Paid Work for submissive website

Hello, my name is Jack. I am a photographer, and I’m developing a submissive website/blog featuring written content (fiction) supported by imagery. The focus is on portraying the journey of a fictional character into the submissive genre but will include explicit material as well (open leg/anal penetration by toys). No other male or female talent, and I’m there to capture the scene not interact physically with you. I’m on Model Mayhem. I will respect your limits. An escort is welcome to any shoot we do, and I would be happy to meet beforehand at a public location of your choosing. I would like to do a two-hour shoot at your $150 rate. I live in Northern CA, but would be ok with traveling to you, mainly if we can use your location or if you are willing to add the 3rd hour for free (so we would have plenty of time to talk and become comfortable with the themes we will be capturing together). Hope to hear from you and please let me know if you have any questions.


I read it at least twice. It sounded interesting, especially that I have not received an email from my website in a long time. Last time I got an email from my site was probably about five years ago, and the guy wanted to make me cum while he is choking me with a plastic bag over my head and capture that on video. I cringed remembering that email. I guess that’s why it took me so long to open it, I was not expecting anything useful out of it, and I was just enjoying the anticipation and a break from my daily routine. My blood was still boiling from all the kinky sex I was having with my husband, and reading it was like adding fuel to the fire. I was still in that state of mind when you just mention anal, and toys in one sentence was getting me wet. Plus I was going to make money – that was an extra bonus. Looked up his portfolio on MM, googled him, looked him up on FB. He did not look like a creep, he had a wife and a kid. I was surprised to see only headshots of his wife and that made me dig into is portfolio deeper. Finally I was able to solve that mystery. His wife was huge, so I thought that he was into big girls, and was shooting skinny models to make money, so I decided to MapQuest his address. OMG! He lives 3 hours away and still picked me as a model? I must be doing something right; the guy must be very motivated.

I had to slow myself down, take a deep breath and sent him a standard reply:

From: Oxana

Subject: Paid Work for Submissive Website

Good morning. I received your email, and it interested me. Do you have a website yet that I can read and see what you got so far? I would like more information. I googled your location and its 3 hours away… I don’t like shooting at home, what about a hotel?

Do you have a profile on Fetlife?

Did you get this idea from an erotic book you read?

Who is writing?

Let’s talk some more.



I hit “send,” now I sit and wait, it’s 7:46 am, and I can no longer concentrate on my work, bookkeeping is no longer on my mind. I am waiting with anticipation, while my pussy is throbbing. At 9:04, my phone notifies me of a new email, I open a new tab on my browser and go to my Gmail. And I am rewarded with a lengthy email, with pictures! I want to go straight for the pictures, but once again, I exercise self-control and read the proposal. He is telling me about the toys he wants to use in the shoot

Toys for the first session would include

a) Anal hook with 1″ ball diameter at widest point and 5.5 inches insertable length

b) Jewel butt plug with 1.3″ diameter at widest point and approx. 2.5 inches insertable length

c) Leather collar, anklets (possibly bracelets), and rope

I have seen the anal hook; I watched an instructional video on it before – it’s fucking hot, it’s dirty, erotic, and daring all at the same time. My pelvic muscles tighten up and begin contracting, my ass is starting to relax in anticipation, and my pussy is pulsating. What the fuck! It’s only 9 am, and I am at work! My body does not care, it has a life all by itself, and my brain is not invited to the party.

I keep reading, ignoring all the sensations in my body

I’m looking to tell the journey into submission with approximately once per month updates per character. I need to develop the role for you.

Ok, so far so good, he certainly has my interest. Finally, I am looking at the pictures. On the first one, the girl is bent over, and she has a jeweled red anal plug. I can’t stop looking at her ass; I think it’s super-hot, I squirm in my seat, my thoughts travel home, where I have a small pink plug waiting for me, I dwell on that thought for a minute, then I look at the second one. In the next picture, the girl has a stainless steel hook sticking out of her ass, which is being secured by the rope with her hands behind her back. I have seen this hook before but never seen it used. I am sitting mesmerized by the picture, and I am not sure if I want to be in her place, or I want my hands touching and caressing those cheeks. The result is still the same – my pussy gets wet.

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