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There is a saying your year will reflect how you celebrated the new year. I wanted to have one hell of a sexy year. So I got dressed for the occasion. I put on my makeup, did my hair, put on my favorite pair of thigh high leather boots, took some Champaign and Champaign glasses that I bought before and was ready to hit the road. Then I realized, that I am totally naked, so I turned to my jewelry cabinet, pulled out two strings of pearls and my favorite chocker and went out on the streets of New York.

I was walking down the street. Yes, people looked at me a bit funny, but I think that was because I was carrying a bottle of Champaign with two glasses and was offering everyone to take a drink with me.  Stark naked young lady walking down the busy street of New York is totally normal, right?

This gorgeous hunk of a male dressed in a business suit was walking towards me, and our eyes locked. We both walked like in a trance and when he got close, he took one glass from me, took my hand and led me away to his flat. It was perfect timing he did that because I was getting a bit cold, my nipples were poking out, like headlights. Little more and I was going to be able to poke someone's eyes out.

There was no furniture in his flat, he just has moved in from out of state. There was one chair in the middle of the floor. I sat in it asking for so much MORE. I sat the bottle on the floor, looking at him through the door. I party hard, I roar, I am twisted and corrupted to the core.