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Please look at the top of each picture for a "shopping cart" if you desire to order my art. His life revolved around music. Any noises like a gust of wind, sound of the ocean, creaky old chair - was all music to his ears. He even found melody in listening to his old dog snore. He was a remarkable man. And like any man of art, he was extraordinary looking. His house was like a showroom, he had beautiful and rare instruments, some guitars were custom made for him.  Every day he went to his music room and played one instrument, this day was not any different. He finished his dinner, leaving the desert for later and went down to his favorite room. He started playing his Grand Piano and he heard a tune coming from another side of the room, the tune was so soft, his fingers continued running on the keys of its own accord, but his ear was only on that unfamiliar tune, he was afraid to stop playing for the fear of this heavenly tune going away. But all of a sudden the tune stopped, he even blinked, he thought he imagined it, but when he opened his eyes he had to do a double take, he could not believe his eyes, there was a Music Fairy laying down right in front of him on his Grand Piano! She was out of this world, she was shiny and sparkly, she was stark naked except for some fancy jewels draped over her chest, leaving her perfect breasts bare. She looked at him and smiled, he smiled back in disbelieve. She saw the confusion on his handsome face and she laughed out loud, the sound of her laughter filled the room, and somehow it became much brighter and bigger, her voice was still echoing when he finally was able to collect himself. He pulled his hand out to touch her, as he still could not believe she was real, to his astonishment she felt very real, she squealed when he pinched her nipple. She did not disappear into the thin air as he expected her, oh no, she remained rooted to her place, she just batted her eyelashes to him, lay down on her back and parted her lips, a faint whisper escaped her lips "please play me" she said. Or didn't? Did he just imagine her say that? At this point, he was not sure of anything, and like in a trance he ran his hand over her small shoulders, and around her bare breasts. she parted her luscious lips and a small moan escaped. He lifted up from his seat and continued running his hands over her body. She was so beautiful, he could not take his eyes off her, and ignoring a bulge in his pants he continued running his hands over her exquisite curves. Her moans gave him the courage to continue. He cupped her breasts in his hands and rolled the peaks of her nipples between his fingers. He heard a louder moan and a ragged breath. He continued his sweet torture of her breasts, leaving her panting. She wanted more, she took his big hand into her small one and guided him to her center of desire. She was already wet there and wanting, his fingers started circling her clit making her body move and her moans deeper. When his fingers slid inside of her something magical happen. His musical ear caught a faint melody that was playing in unison with her moaning, and the louder she got the louder melody sounded. He was pushing his fingers in and out, her body was doing an ageless primal dance with all his musical instruments playing in unison coming to a culmination with her strongest orgasm. He blinked and everything was gone, in one instant just like it all appeared before him.