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My day started out as usual. I took a nice long shower, running lathered up sponge over my luscious curves washing every nook and cranny of my body. My hands gently caressing my full breasts, giving a little tug on my engorged nipples. Oh, how I wished my Master was there to watch me. I have always liked him watching me.

I washed my long beautiful hair, took time to blow dry it and carefully arranged it into heavy curls. I painted my toe and fingernails in red since he likes that color on me. I carefully put makeup on, making sure I did not miss anything. My Master loves perfection. I carefully picked out my favorite pair of heels and put them on, then I took a wet rag and wiped fingerprints off the shiny surface of the shoes.

I took out my cuff set that matched perfectly with my red nails and lips, put it on, it gave me a feeling of being close to him, I could almost hear his whisper in my ear "Present yourself to me". Shivers ran down my spine as I finished putting my collar on. I put my long coat on my naked body, put a belt around, took one long look into the mirror, smiled and drove to him.

I dropped my coat on the floor by his door and rang the doorbell, he opened the door almost immediately, he was not expecting me. I stood there, looking into his eyes open, naked and vulnerable, holding the chain leash, offering myself to him. His gaze softened, a little smile touched his lips, he took my offering and led me to his living room holding the leash.

It was not our agreed upon time for the meeting, but I could see how pleased he was. He led me to the door and just like I expected he whispered in my ear: "Present yourself to me". I was so turned on, he smelled so manly and a little musky, I loved his aftershave. He was walking shirtless and barefoot on the hardwood floor, he had on a pair of old ripped jeans that looked oh so nice on him. I wanted to come up and rip those jeans away and lick and savor every inch of his strong muscular body. His stomach was so ripped, he could bounce quarters. I was looking at him mesmerized and like in a trance my body started moving.

His eyes were so intense with desire, but he was not moving an inch, he was just looking at me, mocking me, desiring me from across the room. I was so turned on, I started feeling my juices flowing down my thighs.
"Please, let me touch you" - I begged.
"Please let me feel you" - I moaned.
I was thankful that the binds were not too tight and I touch myself.