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I was begging William to take that Chastity Belt off, I could not take it anymore, I was so turned on and wet and this thing was restricting me, I could not touch myself, and I was so wet and ready to be fucked and manhandled. The butt plug that was attached to the inside of the belt was making me hornier than ever. But he just kept clicking away on his camera, driving me crazy. I was on the floor, I was in tears, when he was not looking I went into the kitchen and snatched scissors from the draw.

Bingo! I thought. I can just cut this thing off of me.

I cut the stubborn leather.
And cut again to no prevail.
That leather just too thick to cut!
I throw the scissors out.
They fly across the room.
I do not need this useless tool!
"I need to touch myself!"  - I cry.
"Please let me out" - I yell.
And magic happens just like that when you expect it least.
I stick my tongue out and I feel a tiny metal key.
I pray to Gods it's not a dream.
This key my little charm, with one swift click the fetters fall.
My hands are free to roam.
I touch myself and moan.