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Long long time ago, there was this Kitty, and her name was Dinka Doll. She was capricious and loved showing off. Her favorite place in the house was the fireplace. Even in the summer, she would lay there playing with herself while nobody was watching. Dear reader, I know you want to ask me how I know that she liked to play with herself while nobody was watching, I will be more than happy to tell you that story. One time Kitty's owner decided to find out what she does when nobody is home, so he set up a few cameras in the basement in hopes to capture her in action doing something naughty. When he finally got the footage from the cameras he was amazed at how naughty this little kitty really is. Kitty's jumping up and down Kitty's prancing all around She is chilling on the chimney Legs are up, legs are down, Tail in hand goes up and drops